Collon Old Cemetery, County Louth, Ireland
On the Derry, Dublin Rd. and at the end of the village of Collon at the crossroads on the left hand side.

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Haughey, None listed
None listed
Hoey, Catherine,
d. 30 Apr 1959, age: 84yr, Wife of William, Grangegreeth, [AR]
Hoey, John, d. 3 Dec 1962, Son of Joseph and Mary, [AR]
Hoey, Joseph, d. 19 May 1919, Husband of Mary, [AR]
Hoey, Mary, d. 12 Feb 1937, Wife of Joseph, [AR]
Hoey, Patrick, d. 19 Nov 1960, Son of Joseph and Mary, [AR]
Hoey, Patrick, d. 7 May 1790, Husband of Margaret, [AR]
Hoey, William, d. 15 Apr 1967, age: 90yr, Husband of Catherine, Grangegreeth, Erected by Grandaughter Mary McKenna,", [AR]
Hoy, None listed
Hoye, None listed

End of Collon Old Cemetery


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