New York Emigrant Savings Bank Records 1850-1880

The New York Emigrant Savings Bank, opened in 1850 and was run by Irish immigrants, for Irish immigrants.

Transcribed from microfilm records at the New York City Public Library on 14 and 22 February 2001. This is believed to be a complete listing of all persons with the surnames of Haughey, Haughy, Hoey, Hoy, and Hoye. Names shown with "not listed" were found in the index but not in the account books. Names listed as "no book" were found in the index but the account books do not exist and are believed to be lost forever. They were not recovered when other bank records were found.


Bef 1853

Hoy, James 1251-Misindexed, name for account is Rev Michael O'Donovan

Huey?, George 1781

Hoey, Anna G 1803
21 Mar 1852, widow, res Shangrin?, Ulster Co, NY, introduced by Wm Scott, Hudson St and Joseph Stuart
24 Mar 1852, occ Cording, residence Shangran?, Ulster Co, NY, Introduced by Wm Scott, Hudson St & Joseph Stuart

Hoye, Jane 2052
10 May 1852, Jane Hoye or Very Rev Wm Starrs, Jas Dowd sexton St Francis Church is to bury her, occupation housekeeper Rev Wm Starr, residence Ridge St, natm from Killinde?, Co Roscommon, arr NY about 7 yrs ago, per ship Lord Mardstrom? from Liverpool, parents dead f Patrick Hoy, mo Abby Conroy, no bros, 3 sis Ann, Abby, and Catherine, all single



Hoey Bridget 10723
domestic, residence 6 Clinton Place, native of Derryadd?, Co Longford, arr May 1847 per ship Galena from Liverpool, parents dead fa Patrick Hoey, mo Mary Baxter, 5 bro, 4 sis, Cath...????, is single



Heery Thomas 13720



Hoey Mary 18180
Domestic 40 West 37th St, nat Sligo Ireland arr May 1837 per "Antartic" at married to Patrick Hoey, one child Mary



Hoey James 21117
Returned miner from Calif Residence Houston St ...nat Duleck Meath Ireland arr 1850 from Shannon....G Single parents fa dead john mo in Ireland Mary Kelsh



Hoey Anna C 23521
Housekeeper W 34th St



Hoey, Michael and wife 26848
wife Eliza 53 6th st Williamsburg occ bookbinder Michael born 1828 Dublin, Ireland arr 1850 per Coronet from Dublin...Eliza Adams arr 1852 per Malabar born 1830 no children



Hoy Mary 30359-misindexed, name listed is Catherine Donovan

Hoy Ellen 31429
37 Frankfort St, Housekeeper, born 1834, Cork, Fermanagh, Ireland, arr 1850 per Arche?, married to Micahel Hoy in 61st NJV (NJ volunteers?) 2 children Mary Ann & Michael

Hoey Patrick 32843
471 Avenue 9?, laborer, born 1812 in Co Sligo, is married to Ann Shaffry, 3 children (no names)....arr 1831 per (blank)

Hoy Martin 34364
72 Baxter St, laborer, born 1845 in Co Sligo, Ireland, arr 1858 per Isaac Webb, is single, parents in New York, John and Bridget McGowan, 2 brothers and 3 sisters





Hoey Owen 39889
Owen 3rd Ave near 81st St, laborer, b 1804, Co Monaghan, arr 1844 (blank)
wife Bridget b 1804 Co Monaghan, arr 1845 per Creole.....4 children (no names)










Hoey William or wife 60854 and 5
30 Aug 1867, 40 E Bway, rigger, Wm b 1817 co Louth, arr 1837 per Gaae Wright,
wife Catherine b 1829 co Wexford, nee Conlon

Hoey Michael 60496
5 Aug 1867, 621 W 47, labor, b 1839 in Westmeath, arr 1864, fa Jno mo M Reynolds



Hoey Bridget 63613
10 Feb 1868, Quarantine S.I., domestic, b 1828 in co Louth, arr 1866 per Virginia, fa Peter dead mo Shenlin

Hoy, Thomas 68712



Hoey Bridget 70537-not listed

Hoy, Ann and C 71796
19 Aug 1869, Ann Hoy or sister Mary, 556 2nd ave, occ laundress, b 1814 in co Cavan, arr 1843 per Hector, fa Bernard mo Mary Gorrachan?

Hoy, Mary and C 71797
19 Aug 1869, Mary Hoy or sister Ann, 556 2nd ave, occ laundress, b 1823 in co Cavan, arr 1843 per Hector, fa Bernard mo Mary Gorrachan?

Hoy, Patrick 73225-Not listed

Hoye, Patrick 74430-Not listed



Hoye, Bridget 76451

Hoy, Ellen 77134-Not listed



Hoy,Thomas 84160-Not listed

Hoy, Susan 85365-Not listed

Hoy, Kate 86101-Not listed



Hoey, John 88874-Not listed

Hoey, Charles J. 92604-Not listed

Hoy, Ann93374-not listed

Hoey, Rose 93604
Residence New Brighton LI, domestic, b 1847, Co Louth, arr 1868 per Erin fa Nicholas mo Mary McGee

Hoey, Mary 96143-Not listed

Hoy, Michael 97208
24 June 1873, 79 Baxter St, occ Fat Man, b 1832 in co Sligo, arr 1850 per Norway, married Mary Gillon
amended 10/28/87 Or wife Mary Hoy, 139 E 114th St, occ 1+K, b 1832 in co Sligo, arr per Trumbell, nee Mary Gilloon

Hoey, Mary 97839-Not listed

Hoey, Patrick & C 99771-Not listed



Hoy, Wm J 100401-Not listed

Hoey, Patrick 102497-Not listed

Hoey, Mary 103642-Not listed

Hoy, William 103737-Not listed

Hoey, Edward 104489
31 Aug 1874, res New Brighton SJ, occ minor, b 1859 in co Louth, arr 1871 per Oceanic fa Nicholas mo Margaret McGee










Hoey, John 114344-Not listed

Hoey, Mary 119246
19 Feb 1877, 543 Pearl St, occ domestic, b 1854 in co Louth, arr 1871 per Cof Brussels fa James mo Mary Farnan
Amended 11 Mar 1885 Or Cath Carroll, res Fort Richmond SI, occ domestic, b 1848 in co Louth, arr 1871 per Colorado, fa Patrick mo Mary Carney

Haughey, Thomas 120839-Not listed

Hoey, Patrick 129093-No book

Hoy, Martin 130463-No book

Haughey, Francis 131898-No book










Haughey, William 132810-No book

Hoey, Bridget 133370-No book

Hoey, John 133498-No book

Hoey, Thomas 134165-No book



Hoey, Edward + C 141028-No book

Hoy, Ellen 142 733-No book

Hoey, Ann and C 142740-No book

Hoey, Rosanna 143440-No book

Hoey, William and C 143752-No book

Hoy, William 145074-No book

Hoey, Fanny 147473-No book

Hoy, Eliza 148094-No book

Hoey, Catherine 148172-No book

Hoey, Mary 148891-No book


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