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Hoey Surname Only

Transcription submitted by Denise Slattery ( on 11 March 2002

Surname Given Name Plot Burial Date Notes
Hoey Ann C. Lot 8825/Section 50 21-Oct-1866
Hoey Elizabeth Lot 10975/Section 117 21-Sep-1881
Hoey George M. Lot 9870/Section D 25-June-1894
Hoey Grace Lot 36990/Section 129 4-Dec-1980 Buried w/ Joseph W. Hoey
Hoey Ida L. Lot 23219/Section 140 16-Jun-1911
Hoey Jeanette W. Lot 16103/Section K 26-Jan-1874 Buried w/ Kate Hoey and Vandervelt B. Hoey
Hoey John Lot 27263/Section 135 8-Dec-1893
Hoey Joseph William Lot 36990/Section 129 19-Jun-1958 Buried w/ Grace Hoey
Hoey Kate Lot16103/Section K 7-Apr-1872 Buried w/ Jeanette W. Hoey and Vandervelt B. Hoey
Hoey Marjorie P. Lot 5646/Section 78 23-May-1970
Hoey Mary Lot 7078/Section D 6-Dec-1889
Hoey Mary Elizabeth Lot 14001/Section 181 26-Aug-1921
Hoey Mary K. Lot 13562/Section 111 11-Sep-1903
Hoey Nora Lot 22214/Section 183 15-May-1901 Buried w/ Nora E. Hoey
Hoey Nora E. Lot 22214/Section 183 13-June-1901 Buried w/ Nora Hoey
Hoey Robert John Lot 7642/Section D 23-May-1925
Hoey Vandervelt Buxton Lot 16103/Section K 1-Sep-1914 Buried w/ Jeanette W. Hoey and Kate Hoey
Hoey Willie Lot 20656/Section 183 5-Aug-1872



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