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1930 Federal Census

207-1/2 South Main Street, District 37, Zeilgler, Franklin Co., Illinois
Edward Hoey, 72, b Scotland, widower, coal miner, immigrated 1884, naturalized

207 South Main Street, District 37, Zeilgler, Franklin Co., Illinois
Edward J. Horey [sic], 39, b Ohio, mine mamager at coal mine
Beatrice Horey [sic], 36, b Illinois
Edward Horey [sic], 13, b Illinois
James Horey [sic], 10, b Illinois
William Horey [sic], 7, b Illinois
Robert Horey [sic], 3-2/12, b Illinois
Mary Lew Horey [sic], 1-0/12, b Illinois

Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois
Chester C. Hoey, head, 36, b Illinois, machinist
Delia Hoey, wife, 27, b Wisconsin, presser in laundry
George Hoey, son, 9, b Illinois

742 Knoxville Avenue, Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois
Peter A. Balke, head, 47, b Illinois, proprietor of grocery and meats
Minnie Balke, wife, 49, b Illinois, none
Margaret Hoey, sister-in-law, 61, b Illinois, widow, sales lady at grocery

708 West Thompson Street, Harvard, McHenry Co., Illinois
Chester Hoey, head, 28, b Wisconsin, machinist at Bain Equipment Manufacturing, married at 24
Evelyn Hoey, wife, 23, b Illinois, married at 19
Barbara Hoey, daughter, 3, b Wisconsin
Ronald Hoey, son, 2, b Illinois

305 East Park Street, Harvard, McHenry Co., Illinois
George Hoey, head, 40, b Northern Ireland, machinist at dairy company
Margaret J. Hoey, wife, 41, b Northern Ireland
Alice M. Hoey, daughter, 16, b Illinois
George W. Hoey, son, 14, b Illinois
James H. Hoey, son, 13, b Illinois
Beatrice M. Hoey, daughter, 6, b Illinois
Earl E. Hoey, son, 2-10/12, b Illinois

Chemung, McHenry Co., Illinois
Sam  Hoy, head, 38, b Ireland (north), machinist for typewriter company
Ruth Hoy, wife, 35, b , laborer for typewriter company
Vernon Hoy, son, 16, b Illinois, laborer on general farm
Adeline Hoy, 15, b Illinois
William Hoy, son, 11, b Illinois
Francis Hoy, son, 9, b Illinois

End of 1930 Federal Census

1920 Federal Census

213 South Chestnut, Collinsville, Madison Co., Illinois (v 188, ed 48, p 10, L 74)
Alice Hoy, 47, b Illinois (enumerated with J.B. DuHadway (mother-in-law))

1016 LaSalle, Ottawa, LaSalle Co., Illinois (v 167, ed 139, p 13, L 59)
Alice Hoey, 74, b Ireland (enumerated with Mary Hoey (NR))

221 Franklin Street, Lanark City, Carroll Co., Illinois (v 12, ed 8, p 9, L 5)
Alice M. Hoey, 12, b Illinois (enumerated with "not reported" (daughter)

White Co., Illinois (v 236, ed 179, p 4, L 1)
Alva Hoy, head, 30, b Illinois
Pearl Hoy, wife, 28, b Illinois
Walter Hoy, son, 4-6/12, b Illinois
Nigel Hoy, daughter, 1/12, b Illinois

632 Lanker, Elsin, Kane Co., Illinois (v 159, ed 85, p 7, L 25)
Alvin Hoye, 12, b Illinois, (enumerated with Henry Gould (grandson))

2950 Loomis, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois (v 38, ed 233, p 2, L 57)
Andrew Hoey, 59, b Chicago (enumerated with Frank Hoey (brother-in-law))

310 North Minnard Ave., Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois (v 116, ed 2132, p 7, L 11)
Anna V. Hoey, 28, b Illinois (enumerated with George P. Foster (sister-in-law))

Eighth St., Mendath, LaSalle Co., Illinois (v 165, ed 127, p 17, L 43)
Annie Hoey, head, 70, b Ireland, naturalized
Margaret Hoy, daughter, 37, b Illinois
Edward Hoy, son, 37, b Illinois
Katherine Hoy, daughter, 33, b Illinois

618 Van Buren Ave., Dixon, Lee Co., Illinois (v 174, ed 61, p 7, L 65)
Arthur Hoey, 8, b Illinois (enumerated with Charles Derr (nephew))

4714 Champlain Ave., Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois (v 27, ed 296, p 1, L 91)
B.E. Hoy, head, 32, b Illinois
Bernice Hoy, wife, 27, b Illinois
? McCarthy, f, 53, b Illinois
? McCarthy, m, 53, b Illinois

3941 North Richmond, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois (v 88, ed 1639, p 19, L 90)
Barbara Hoye, 53, b Germany (enumerated with John Byrne (sister-in-law)

1601 Fourth, Lincoln, Logan Co., Illinois (v 177, ed 67, p 2, L 64)
Bart Hoy, head, 46, b Illinois
Cora Hoy, wife, 40, b Illinois
Raymond Hoy, son, 18, b Illinois
Elberta Hoy, daughter, 16, b Illinois
Bertha Hoy, daughter, 11, b Illinois
Leo Hoy, son 10, b Illinois

1100 Cypress, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois (v 47, ed 641, p 18, L 28)
Bertha Hoye, 63, b Massachusetts (enumerated with St. Mary's HS (boarder))

557 Waller, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois (v 116, ed 2130, p 3, L 68)
Berthel Hoy, head, 54, Denmark, naturalized
Annie Hoy, wife, 53, b Denmark
Berthel Hoy, son, 24, b Illinois
Paul Hoy, son, 19, b Illinois
John Hoy, son, 15, b Illinois
Henry Hoy, son, 13, b Illinois

804 North Highland, Marion, Williamson Co., Illinois (v 246, ed 169, p 4, L 1)
Ben Hoy, head, 52, b England, naturalized
Annie Hoy, wife, 52, b England, naturalized
Adeth A. Hoy, daughter, 16 b England, naturalized

Waukegan, Lake Co., Illinois (v 173, ed 275, p 5, L 50)
Calista Hoye, 19, b Illinois (enumerated with Katherine Gallagher (grand-daughter))

Lake Co., Illinois (v 172, ed 263, p 27, L 15)
Calista H. Hoye, 20, b Illinois (enumerated with US Naval Training Station)

2036 Kenilworth Ave., Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois (v 91, ed 1393, p 19, L 59)
Caroline E. Hoey, 31, b New York (enumerated with DeWitt Garrison, Jr. (sister-in-law)

1509 East 60th, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois (v 39, ed 388, p 1, L 88)
Catharine Hoy, 26, b Iowa (enumerated with Eva M. Robinson (roomer))

822 Madison, Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois (v 206, ed 67, p 1, L 31)
Catherine Hoey, head, 35, b Illinois, forelady for awning company
Nicholas Hoey, brother, 30, b Illinois, tower man for railroad

201 State Street, District 44, Tyrone, Franklin Co. Illinois
Edward Hoey, head, 29, b Ohio, assistant manager of coal mine
Beatrice Hoey, wife, 26, b Illinois
Edward Allen Hoey, son, 2-11/12, b Illinois
James Hoey, son, 2/12, b Illinois
John Hoey, brother, 12, b Ohio

South Beloit, Winnebago Co., Illinois
Laura A. Hoey, head, 52, widow, b Illinois, laundress in own home
Walter E. Hoey, son, 18, b Illinois, laborer in foundry
Fred S. R. Hoey, son, 16, b Illinois, laborer in machine shop
Sydney E. Hoey, son, 14, b Illinois, none
Chester C. Hoey, son, 25, b Illinois, laborer machinist
Delia D. Hoey, daughter-in-law, 19, b Wisconsin, none

Springfield Road, Groveland, Tazewell Co., Illinois
Nicholas P. Hoey, head, 40, b Illinois, millwright in factory
Bessie Hoey, wife, 31, b Illinois
Leslie Hoey, son, 15, b Illinois
Mary Hoey, mother, 82, b Ireland widow

Dunham, McHenry Co., Illinois
Geo T. Hoey, head, 53, b Ireland, farmer on general farm
Annie Hoey, wife, 52, b Ireland
Chester Hoey, son, 19, b Wisconsin, laborer on general farm
Annie Hoey, daughter, 15, b Illinois

405 Eastman Street South, Chemung Township, Harvard, McHenry Co., Illinois
George Hoey, head, 28, b Ireland, immigrated 1900, naturalized 1905, ?Cinderman? at plant mill
Margaret Hoey, wife, 29, b Ireland
Mamie Hoey, daughter, 7, b Illinois
George Hoey, son, 4-11/12, b Illinois
James Hoey, son, 2-2/12, b Illinois

305 Eastman Street South, Chemung Township, Harvard, McHenry Co., Illinois
Samuel Hoey, head, 27, b Ireland, shipping clerk
Ruth Hoey, wife, 25, b 
Vernon Hoey, son, 6, b Illinois
Adeline Hoey, daughter, 4-9/12, b Illinois
William Hoey, son, 2-6/12, b Illinois

End of 1920 Federal Census


 1910 Federal Census

Rockton, Winnebago Co., Illinois
Laura Hoey, head, 42, widow, b Illinois
Frank Hoey, son, 22, b Illinois, laborer machinist
Lillian Hoey, daughter-in-law, 19, b Ohio 
Harry Hoey, son, 20, b Illinois, cutter in shoe factory
Ethel Hoey, daughter, 18, b Illinois, laborer in knitting factory
Chester Hoey, son, 16, b Illinois, laborer machinist
Laura Hoey, daughter, 14, b Illinois, none
Florence Hoey, daughter, 10, b Illinois, none
Walter Hoey, son, 8, b Illinois, none
Fred Hoey, son, 6, b Illinois, none
Sidney Hoey, son, 4, b Illinois, none

207 Easton, Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois
Mrs. Bridget Hoey, head, 59, b Ireland, none, widow, 7 children with 5 surviving
Katie Hoey, daughter, 28, b Illinois, awning maker in shop
Thomas Hoey, son, 26, b Illinois, carpenter at railroad
Lawrence Hoey, son, 24, b Illinois, bartender at saloon
Nicholas Hoey, son, 21, b Illinois, machinist hand at paper mill

2713 North Adams Street, Richwoods, Peoria Co., Illinois
Nicholas P. Hoey, head, ??, b Illinois, married 6 years, machinist at plow factory
Anna M. Hoey, wife, 27, b Illinois, 3 children with 3 surviving
Leslie N. Hoey, son, 5, b Illinois
Raymond C. Hoey, son, 3, b Illinois
William J. Hoey, son, 2, b Illinois
Emma C. R???berg, boarder, 35, b Sweden, dressmaker and tailoring
George Pool, lodger, 50, b France, bartender at own shop

Dunham, McHenry Co., Illinois
George Hoey, head, 41, b Ireland, married 20 years, farmer on general farm, immigrated 1871
Anna Hoey, wife, 40, b Ireland, 6 children with 6 surviving, immigrated 1872
George Hoey, son, 20, b England, farm laborer on home farm
Samuel Hoey, son, 17, b England, farm laborer on home farm
Hazel Hoey, daughter, 13, b Wisconsin
Chester Hoey, son, 10, b Wisconsin
Anna Hoey, daughter, 6, b Illinois

End of 1910 Federal Census

1900 Federal Census

Rockton, Winnebago Co., Illinois
George Hoey, head, 37, Feb 1863, b Wisconsin, blacksmith
Laura Hoey, wife, 32, June 1867, b Illinois
Franklin Hoey, son, 12, March 1888, b South Dakota, at school
Harry Hoey, son, 10, May 1890, b Illinois, at school
Ethel Hoey, daughter, 8, March 1892, b Illinois, at school
Chester Hoey, son, 6, February 1894, b Illinois, at school
Laura Hoey, daughter, 4, Nov 1895, b Illinois
Arthur Hoey, son, 2, Dec 1897, b Illinois
Florence Hoey, daughter, 4/12, Jan 1900, b Illinois
William Hoey, brother, 40, May 1860, b Wisconsin, day laborer

319 North Oak, Pontiac, Livingston Co., Illinois
Mary A. Hoey, head, 54, Jan 1846, b New York, widow
James Murray, boarder, 44, Sep 1855, b New York, carpenter
Peter E. Gustafson, boarder, 40, Apr 1860, b Sweden, tailor
Mike Pralidy, boarder, 61, Mar 1839, b Ireland, widow, railroad laborer
William Bater, son-in-law, 29, b Nov 1870, b England, plasterer
Nellie Bater, daughter, 21, Mar 1879, b Illinois

209 West La Rue Street, Streator, Lasalle Co., Illinois
Martin Hoey, head, 45, Nov 1854, b Illinois, day labor
Emma Hoey, sister, 33, May 1867, b Illinois, dress maker

318 Blaine Street, Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois
Bridget Hoey, head, 50, Feb 1850, b Ireland, none, widow, 8 children with 6 surviving
Mary Hoey, daughter, 25, Mar 1875, b Illinois, dressmaker
Jennie Hoey, daughter, 22, Aug 1877, b Illinois, dressmaker
Katie Hoey, daughter, 19, Oct 1880, b Illinois, domestic
Thomas Hoey, son, 18, Jan 1892, b Illinois, grocery clerk
Lawrence Hoey, son, 16, Apr 1884, b Illinois, laborer
Nicolas Hoey, son, 12, May 1888, b Illinois, at school

Fort Winnebago, Columbia Co., Wisconsin
George Hoey, head , 20, July 1869, b Ireland, farmer, immigrated 1892, naturalized Note: Indexed as George Healy
Annie Hoey, wife, 29, July 1870, b Ireland, 5 children with 5 surviving, immigrated 1892 
George Hoey, son, 10, April 1890, b England, at school, immigrated 1892 
William Hoey, son, 9, April 1891, b England, at school, immigrated 1892 
Samuel Hoey, son, 11, June 1888, b England, at school, immigrated 1892 
Hazel R. Hoey, daughter, 3, Jan 1887, b Wisconsin
Chester Hoey, son, 10/12, July 1899, b Wisconsin

End of 1900 Federal Census


1880 Federal Census

Eppards Point, Livingston Co., Illinois
Joseph Hoey, head, 55, b Ireland, farmer
Mary A. Hoey, wife, 38, b New York, keeping house
Samuel B. Hoey, son, 2, b Illinois
Mary E. Hoey, daughter, 1, b Illinois

Limestone, Peoria Co., Illinois
John Hoy, head, 39, b Ireland, coal miner
Bridget Hoy, wife, 33, b Ireland, keeping house
Patrick Hoy, son, 6, b Illinois, at school
Mary Ann Hoy, daughter, 5, b Illinois
Jane Hoy, daughter, 2, b Illinois
Catherine Hoy, daughter, 7/12 (Oct), b Illinois

Seneca, McHenry Co., Illinois
Peter Hoey, head, 36, b Illinois, farmer
Mary Hoey, wife, 30, b New York, keeping house
Frank Hoey, son, 10, b Illinois, at home
Howard Hoey, son, 8, b Illinois, at home
Nellie Hoey, daughter, 6, b Illinois, at home
Louisa Hoey, daughter, 3/12 (Feb), b Wisconsin

End of 1880 Federal Census


1870 Federal Census

Serena, Lasalle Co., Illinois
Peter Hoey, 55, b Ireland, farmer
Mary Hoey, 48, b Ireland, keeping house
Bridget Hoey, 28, b Massachusetts
Lawrence Hoey, 24, b Illinois, works on farm
Margaret Hoey, 17, b Illinois
Martin Hoey, 15, b Illinois, works on farm
Peter Hoey, 13, b Illinois
William Hoey, 10, b Illinois
George Hoey, 7, b Illinois
Emma Hoey, 5, b Illinois
Francis Hoey, 2, b Illinois

Serena, Lasalle Co., Illinois
Samuel Hoey, 77, b Ireland, retired farmer
Joseph Hoey, 40, b Ireland, farmer
James Hoey, 38, b Massachusetts, farmer
Maude Hoey, 26, b Canada, keeping house Note: married James Hoey in February 1870
Ellen Hoey, 36, b Massachusetts
William McKeown, 30, b Ireland, farm laborer

End of 1870 Federal Census


1860 Federal Census

Serena, Lasalle Co., Illinois
Peter Hay, 42, b Ireland, farmer
Mary Hay, 39, b Ireland
Margaret Hay, 21, b Massachusetts
Bridget Hay, 19, b Massachusetts
Samuel Hay, 17, b Massachusetts
Lawrence Hay, 14, b Illinois
Ellen Hay, 14, b Illinois
Catherine Hay, 12, b Illinois
Margaret Hay, 8, b Illinois
Martin Hay, 5, b Illinois
Peter Hay, 3, b Illinois
William Hay, 4/12, b Illinois

Serena, Lasalle Co., Illinois
Samuel Hay, 63, b Ireland, farmer
Joseph Hay, 34, b Ireland, farmer
James Hay, 30, b Massachusetts, farmer
Ellen Hay, 26, b Massachusetts
John Johnson, 18, b Norway, laborer
Nicholas Carroll, 38, b Ireland, laborer

End of 1860 Federal Census

1850 Federal Census Index

End of 1850 Federal Census


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