Kennedy Family

Martin Kennedy    1809 in Ireland-6 February 1875 in Jersey City, New Jersey
    Ellen Cockley    about 1812 in Ireland-unknown in Ireland

Children of Martin Kennedy and Ellen Cockley:
William Joseph Kennedy    January 1842 in Offaly (Kings County) Ireland-22 February 1917 in Jersey City, NJ
    Mary Patterson    July 1842-February 1914 in Jersey City, NJ

Children of William Kennedy and Mary Patterson:
Martin Benedict Kennedy    2 June 1864 in Jersey City, NJ-December 1946 in Jersey City, NJ; Furniture Salesman
    Mary Mamie "May" Adele Daly   
William J. Kennedy    3 November 1865 in Jersey City, NJ-after 1917 in Jersey City, NJ: Telegraph
George Patrick Kennedy     4 March 1867 in Jersey City, NJ-after 1917 in Jersey City, NJ; Butcher
    Mary A. McCarthy
John Joseph Kennedy    20 September 1868 in Jersey City, NJ-September 1892 in Jersey City, NJ: Occupation unknown
    Ginnie Mary Lyons
Thomas Kennedy    4 June 1872 in Jersey City, NJ-July 1908 in Jersey City, NJ; Plumber
James Kennedy    16 September 1873 in Jersey City, NJ-1893 in Jersey City, NJ; Occupation unknown
Mary Francis Kennedy    30 November 1874 in Jersey City, NJ-before 1917 in Jersey City, NJ; Occupation unknown
Bridget Kennedy    5 March 1876 in Jersey City, NJ-before 1917 in Jersey City, NJ; Occupation unknown
Kieran J. Kennedy    2 April 1877 in Jersey City, NJ-1912 in Jersey City, NJ; Water resevoir; Bricklayer
Theresa "Tessie" Marie Kennedy    28 January 1879 in Jersey City, NJ-18 February 1914 in Jersey City; Typewriter
    Daniel Reilly
Agnes Theresa Kennedy    13 July 1881 in Jersey City, NJ-24 November 1966 in Richmond, VA; Homemaker
    Arthur C. Hoey
Elizabeth "Lizzie" V. Kennedy    5 January 1884 in Jersey City, NJ-26 May 1923 in Harrison, NJ; Homemaker
    Grover Weil

Children of Martin B. Kennedy and May Daly:
Raymond Joseph Kennedy, S. J.
Walter Kennedy
Grace Kennedy

Children of William J. Kennedy:
None Known

Children of George P. Kennedy and Mary A. McCarthy:
William A. Kennedy    12 January 1898 in Jersey City, NJ-16 December 1935 in Jersey City, NJ; Salesman
    Lydia J. Russell   
Lydia Kennedy
? Kennedy
? Kennedy

Children of John J. Kennedy and Ginnie M. Lyons:
Joseph Michael Kennedy

Children of Theresa "Tessie" M. Kennedy and Daniel Reilly:

Children of Anges T. Kennedy and Arthur C. Hoey:
See Hoey Website at:

Children of Elizabeth "Lizzie V. Kennedy and Grover J. Weil:
James Weil
Robert Weil


Holy Name Cemetery, Jersey City New Jersey-Kennedy Records Only:
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