New York City Directories
1857   1879-1880   1889-1890    1899-1900    1909-1910    1931

Transcribed from microfilm records at the New York City Public Library on 14 February 2001. This is believed to be a complete listing of all persons with the surnames of Haughey, Haughy, Hoey, Hoy, and Hoye for the years indicated.


New York City 1857

..Anthony shoemaker, h 26 Fifth
..Catharine wid Thomas h r 132 Chrystie
..Catharine wid. William, dressmaker, h r 49 Dominick
..James grocer, 418 Eighth av.
..John carpenter h 173 W. 25th
..John express 59 Bway h 217 W. 23d
..John laborer h r 55 Baxter
..John liquors 195 Eighth av.
..John horseshoer h 278 W. 29th
..John supt 59 Bway h 217 W. 23d
..Michael seaman h 38 Thomas
..Michael teacher h 209 E. 12th
..Owen laborer h r 150 Leonard
..Peter pedlar h r 28 Spruce
..Peter smith 50 Sheriff h 55 Columbia


New York City 1879-1880

..Jas smith 246 W 27th h 338 Ninth av
..John laborer h 140 W 19th
..Margaret wid Michael h 240 Fifth
..Patrick carpenter 236 W 42d h 409 W 40th
..Patrick laborer h Powell n Third av
..Patrick smith h 326 Av A
..Robert driver h 230 W 27th
..Terence S stationer 14 Platt h NJ
..William seaman h r 32 Willett
..William R police h 240 W 20th


..Ann wid Patrick h 226 E 113th
..Bridget dressmkr h 160 W 24th
..Bridget wid Patrick h 157 Mott
..Bridget wid Thomas h 425 E 12th
..Catharine washing h 339 W 26th
..Catharine wid Thomas h 335 E 9th
..Daniel machinist h r 409 E 18th
..Eliza wid James h 241 E 24th
..James agent h 301 w 30th
..James laborer h 542 W 48th
..Jane wid Terence h r 137 E Bway
..John h 331 W 35th
..John carpenter h 238 E 38th
..John coachman h r 150 W 54th
..John laborer h 437 W 32d
..John laborer h 353 W 41st
..John manager 59 Bway h NJ
..John painter h 17 Downing
..John shoer h 58 Henry
..Joseph engraver 658 Bway h Grand Central h
..Hoey, Joseph & Co engravers 658 Bway
..Joseph smith h 378 Madison
..Mary wid Bernard h 95 Eldridge
..Michael J drygds h 308 E 23d
..Michael W musician h 326 Delancey
..Patrick driver h 131 Clinton pl
..Patrick shoes 171 Charles
..Patrick smith h 404 E 14th
..Peter boatman h 429 Washn
..Peter wheelwright 50 Sheriff h 315 E 56th
..William driver h 138 W 19th
..William seaman h 322 E 22d
..William supt 59 Bway h 136 E 74th

..Ann wid Thomas h 7 Extra pl
..Elizabeth wid James 17 Bedford
..Ellen wid James h 557 5th av
..James driver h 223 E 46th
..John grease h 151 Leonard
..John laborer h 523 W 46th
..John smith h 58 Monroe
..Joseph bdgh 7 W 14th
..Margaret wid Michael h h 378 W 12th
..Martin fruit 96 Centre h 19 Mott
..Mary wid Patrick h 337 First av
..Michael grease 129 W 37th h 186 Hester
..Patrick laborer h r 320 E 47th
..Patrick seaman h 101 Charlton
..Robert T broker 53 New h 557 5th av
..Thomas engineer h 336 E 21st
..Thomas laborer h E 76th c Av A
..William laborer h Hoffman n Pelham av
..William ostler h 233 Mulberry
..William E publisher 111 Liberty h NJ



New York City 1889-1890

..Edward liquors 1886 Second av
..Francis liquors 233 Mulberry
..Francis porter h 225 E 103d
..James agent h 1113 Ninth av
..Louis C glue 283 Pearl h Pa
..Maria wid James h 478 Tenth av
..Owen dyer 188 Mulberry
..Patrick carpenter r 223 W 42d h 400 W 40th
..Patrick driver 234 W 20th
..Patrick porter 225 W 103d
..Stephen laborer h E 189th n Kingsbridge rd
..Terence carpenter h 416 E 123d
..William R police h 235 E 119th


..Ann wid Peter bdgh 429 Washn
..Ann wid Thomas h 7 Extra pl
..Bridget wid Thomas h 156 E 84th
..Edward driver h 328 Delancey
..Eliza wid James h 351 Third av
..Ellen wid Peter F h 324 E 57th
..Ellen wid Thomas grocer 329 E 21st
..Frederick hotel h 1 E 28th
..George actor h 204 W 134th
..James h r 435 W 33rd
..James clerk h 255 E 125th
..James clerk h 159 W 16th
..James laborer h 756 Tenth av
..James laborer h 335 W 26th
..James M roofer h 1669 Av A
..John driver h 427 W 56th
..John laborer h 353 W 41st
..John painter h 447 E 87th
..John pres 59 Bway h 1 E 28th
..John smith h 103 Monroe
..John F driver h 484 Hudson
..John J h r 529 W 36th
..John J clerk h 451 W 57th
..Joseph h 212 W 14th
..Joseph roofer h 430 E 16th
..Margaret wid Anthony h 1609 Lex av
..Martin laborer h 433 Washn
..Mary h h 438 W 31st
..Mary wid William h 2482 Hoffman
..Matthew laborer h 307 W 39th
..Michael J liquors 138 W 19th h 146 W 20th
..Patrick driver h 501 W 40th
..Patrick seaman h 46 Laight
..Patrick J pedlar h 16 Goerck
..Peter engineer h 2006 Ninth av
..Robert J clerk h 354 W 43d
..Sarah milliner 953 Bway
..William actor h 239 W 127th
..William agent 308 E 33rd
..William clerk h 1609 Lex av
..William driver h 138 W 19th
..William supt 59 Bway h Orange, NJ
..Wm H liquors 359 Third av h 207 W 20th
..William J clerk h 155 Seventh av

..Ann janitress h 440 E 57th
..Bridget dressmkr 220 W 16th
..Catharine h 232 E 54th
..John plasterer h 347 W 49th
..John F. lawyer h 2074 Seventh av
..John R h 41 W 60th
..Margaret wid Michael h 378 W 12th
..Martin fruit 135 Leonard h 145 Madison
..Mary wid Richard h 403 First av
..Matthew [h]ostler h r 29 Cornelia
..Michael h 139 E 114th
..Patrick laborer h 348 E 46th
..Patrick printer h 5 Eldridge
..Patrick H driver h 762 Third av
..Peter mason h 286 W 142d
..Robert T broker 30 Broad
..Rosa wid Daniel h 225 W 53d
..Thomas tailor h 308 E 33d
..William A journalist 120 Nassau

..Daniel porter h 216 E 108th
..Rich W eating h 249 Bowery h 94 Stanton
..Stephen M lawyer 206 Bway h 43 Montague Bklyn


New York City 1899-1900

..Edwd clerk h 89 Amsterdam av
..Edwd cutter h 454 W 40th
..Francis h 1683 3d av
..Frank J porter h 440 E 60th
..Jas clerk h 302 E 80th
..John pedlar h 307 E 94th
..John plumber h 492 Amsterdam av
..John D clerk h 266 W 25th
..Jos P builder r 339 W 24th h 89 Amsterdam av
..Maria wid Jas h 536 W 45th
..Mary wid Jas h 492 Columbus av
..Peter fireman h 112 E 84th
..Steph police h E 189th n Wahn av
..Wm r police h 269 W 132d


..Ann wid Wm 456 Washn
..Anna wid Patrick h 546 W 40th
..Bridget wid Thos h 156 E 84th
..Cath M dressmkr 404 E 46th
..Danl watchman h 206 E 108th
..Edwd C wigs 112 W 22d
..Ellen wid Thos h 327 E 21st
..Frank J stenographer 26 Broad h 204 W 17th
..Geo J clerk h 143 W 101st
..Jas h 1396 3d av
..Jas h clerk h 100 E 106th
..Jas heating 116 Wooster h 131 Skilman av Bklyn
..Jas polisher h 165 E 112th
..Jas roofer h 306 E 46th
..Jas S real estate h 222 Central pk S
..John actor h 2310 7th av
..John police h 206 E 57th
..John tailor h 115 Monroe
..John F storekeeper Custom h h 447 W 43d
..John J manager 415 W 59th h 406 W 57th
..John J steward h 225 W 53d
..Jos clerk h 436 E 81st
..Jos roofer h 348 E 120th
..Jos L (Rev) h 135 E 96th
..Margaret wid Jos h 418 E 17th
..Mary h 318 E 36th
..Mary h 2310 7th av
..Mary wid Fred dressmkr h 31 W125th
..Matthew J brewer h 333 W 41st
..Michl F clerk h 1873 2d av
..Michl J musician h 555 Walton av
..Patrick printer h 29 Oliver
..Patrick J grocer 316 W 39th
..Peter engineer h 365 W 126th
..Rosa wid Danl J h 225 W 53d
..Saml H sec 31 Nassau
..Sarah milliner 953 Bway h 222 Central pk S
..Thos plasterer h 344 W 38th
..Thos F police h 676 E 139th
..Vanderbilt B broker 27 William h 315 Quincy Bklyn
..Wm h 204 W 17th
..Wm clerk h 1149 Stebbin av
..Hoey, Gascoigne & Co, brokers 27 William & Custom h

..Anna wid John h 241 W 22d
..Cath dressmkr h 309 W 20th
..Edwd F engineer h 204 W End av
..Elizabeth R teacher 46 E 21st
..Ellen wid John h 306 W 128th
..Geo engineer h 560 E 154th
..Jas P carrier 184 Beach av
..John plasterer h 424 W 42d
..Margaret wid Patrick h 971 1st av
..Martin fruit 400 Madison h 6 Columbia
..Mary wid Patrick h 971 1st av
..Thos h 308 E 33d
..Wm A lawyer 52 Bway h 46 E 21st
..Wm H foreman h 579 E 153d

..Mary dressmkr 223 E 22d


New York City 1909-1910

..Bernard J, inspector, h 861 E 243d
..Chas L, lawyer & notary, 141 Bway r 1418 h 14 W 104th
..Danl, detective, h 169 Willis av
..Edwd, salesman, h 8 Bethune
..Eugenie, bdgh 169 W 129th
..Frank J, sec, 25 Broad r 823 h 5514 6th av Brooklyn
..Geo J, buyer, h 1360 Boston rd
..Jas, clerk, h 1125 Park av
..Jas, clerk, 352 W 18th
..Jas, smith, h 251 W 26th
..Jas J, ins, 149 Bway r 1403 & assemblyman h 879 10th av
..Jas J, janitor, h 226 E 26th
..Jas J, pres, 307 W 54th
..Jas P, carrier, h 138 W 129th
..Jas T, polisher, h 2347 2nd av
..John, bartender, h 444 W 58th
..John, carpenter, h 12 Barrow
..John, clerk, h 1746 Webster av
..John, liquors, 581 Tinton av h 799 E 150th
..John F, clerk, 23 Park row h 879 10th av
..John F, insp US Barge office h 109 W 111th
..John J, bartender, h 434 W 48th
..John J, clerk, h 469 W 57th
..Jos, h 2725 8th av
..Jos, fitter, h 301 W 67th
..Jos L (rev), h 135 E 96th
..Martin, engineer, h 31 Bethune
..Mary wid Fred, h 1675 3d av
..Nathl, watchman, h 85 6th av
..Patrick, h 436 W 48th
..Patrick E, waists, 878 Bway h Corona BQ
..Patrick J, tailor, 939 6th av h 446 W 58th
..Peter, bricklayer, h 1671 Nelson av
..Peter J, beer, 300 W 140th h 434 W 48th
..Robt J, clerk, h 424 E 173d
..Sidney, broker, 141 Bway r 416 h 554 W 156th
..Thos, surveyor, h 333 E 21st
..Thos F, h 206 W End av
..Thos F, police, h 375 College av
..Vanderbilt B, broker, 19 Whitehall r 215, h 378 Madison Brooklyn
..Willard L, broker, 36 Wall h 200 W 52d
..Wm J, clerk, h 32 leroy
..V B & Co, brokers, 19 Whitehall r 215


New York City 1931

..Ann 353 W 53
..Ann 135 Centl pk W
..Ann M 3153 Bway
..Anna 337 E 141
..Cath 135 Centl pk W
..Cath 45 8 av
..Cath 136 W 109
..Chris W 353 W 117
..Edw 45 8 av
..Edw 2971 Harding av
..Eliz 15 Bethune
..Frances 500 W 213
..Fred L 647 E 232
..Geo J 840 Mott
..Grace L 130 W 73
..Hannah 1107 5 av
..Jane M 135 Centl pk W
..Jane 226 E 26
..John 1233 White Plains rd
..John 500 W 213
..John 130 W 73
..John J 136 W 109
Bernard J, inspector, h 861 E 243d


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